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イベント詳細決定です!News of Maru’s event holding!



▼News of Maru’s event holding!

We will have a special picture event of “Maru” on March 30 (Sat) and 31 (Sun) in Tokyo.

Exhibition “Secret pictures and secret messages” for the world’s most viewed cat on Youtube

・Event Details
You will have a chance to experience an exclusive movie shown only in this event and a special column by  its owner together with many photos which were never shown before.
Also some original novelty goods will be available only at this event.

・Points of the event
Special movie
Special movie showing of “Maru” at kitten age

Limited Column
Special column limited for this event will be shown

Many many pictures of “Maru” you have never seen.

▼Refer to the following URL for event details.

Organized by ANIMALZ Inc.